Wilderness Starving: Living Off Your Fat

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For some of us, the idea of living off of our fat sounds like a nightmare. A succession of hunger pangs followed by what could be a short sit on deaths doorstep.

It’s no survivors dream to be just scraping by on 350 calories a day.

There are others who probably wouldn’t mind a few weeks in the woods to get ready for beach season! We are still one of the most obese nations in the world.

Survival Basics

When it comes to survival basics many people think that food should be in the top three. However, there is a much better case for the following:

There are many people who believe you can live 2 weeks without food! Its probably a case by case situation. Also, you might have to redefine the word LIVE after about a week. 

No matter how long you can survive off your bodies fat reserves, you will die in 3 days if you don’t get water. We do not have a hyperhydration epidemic in this nation. 

You gotta have an answer for water. 

Lack of shelter could kill you even faster! If you don’t have shelter in cold and wet conditions you can die in hours. There are serious statistics. So packing basic shelter provisions is also a necessity that far exceeds eating. 

Fire is just another means of staying warm and keeping yourself alive. It can also be a great deterrent for animals.

You should have some answers for food in a survival situation but we all have a little wiggle room when it comes to living off of our fat stores. Food problems can be solved quickly and efficiently with things like high calorie bars that fit down in backpacks. 

Until things get dire its certainly mind over matter. 


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