Shaving Layers and Ounces From your Bugout Bag

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Imagine a scene where your living area becomes too dangerous to stay any longer. This could happen for a number of reasons. These things could be stirred by civil unrest or they could be instances brought on by mother nature. 

No matter the situation, there could come a time when you are going to need to bugout. This might only be momentarily or it might be long term. The situations depend. 

The solution for most of us comes down to having a bugout bag and a location to arrive at. This will make all the difference for you. However, some people get nervous and pack their bags too heavy. They don’t train with them and when the time comes to act they quickly burn themselves out. 

How do you avoid the overweight bugout bag! 

Consider Duration

If your bug out location is a couple of hours away from your home by car, there is no reason to pack two weeks worth of gear. Many people don’t consider or understand duration because they never travel to their bugout location. 

Often times they are carrying way more gear than they need to be. 

Shave Off Gadgets 

Many of the gadgets for sale today aren’t going to get you anywhere, faster. They aren’t going to keep you safe and they aren’t going to last the duration of a large scale disaster. 

Spread out the Load

Don’t be a superhero. You are going to be able to do a lot more if you don’t try to carry everything yourself. Spread the load out between family members. It’s doable and it makes a world of difference. Your family is more capable than you think. 

Remember, if they have to slow down and wait for you, things are all wrong. We spend too much time concerning ourselves with what to add to our bag rather than what we can take away. 

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