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Boosting immunity is a big deal. It’s not as much a trial as it sounds. However, it can bring on a lot of benefits. 

If you follow these steps you will also be able to boost your immune system naturally. This means you will beat back viruses and infections much better and much faster. 

Dont be dependent on meds when the SHTF comes around. Start boosting immunity today! 

Crystalized Vitamin C

Stock up on this stuff! Taking a flat teaspoon or 1000mg of Vitamin C is going to naturally boost immunity. You will find that it can even be increased when you are sick to expedite the bodies ability to heal. 

Be sure you buy the crystalized version of vitamin C. The pills are just not worth anything! Its not worth your money. 

Immune Boosting Roots

There are some serious immune boosting roots that you can add to your diet to boost immunity. You will want to focus on things like garlic, ginger, and horseradish. You see these mean little roots work wonders on your system. 

Eat them raw for the biggest benefits but hang on to your hats! 


Vitamins outside of C are also going to give you a tremendous boost to the immune system. You will find that a decent multivitamin can help fill the gaps of your diet. However, you should put a lot of stock on eating healthy, as well


While many people dont wanna admit it, exercise is a massive booster of our immunity. For some reason, our bodies just like to work better when they are under serious stress! 

Whether it’s breaking down the muscles under stress of weights, dealing with high heat in a sauna or even just stretching the body gets the message and says, BOOST and multiple systems work better.

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