Late Winter and Early Spring Checklist For Prepping The Gardens

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Spring is a time for work. Period. You are going to have a large list of items that you need to consider. One of the biggest is your garden.

We have compiled a list of things to consider between now and the time you start seriously considering your garden near completion. There is a lot to do this spring so let’s get started right away. 

Gathering Seeds

You may want to start considering high-quality heirloom seeds if you don’t already have them on hand. What plants will you grow this year and what seeds should you start right away?

Considering Trees 

Have you thought about fruit and nuts in your backyard garden? Both are possible and now is the time to make the commitment to saplings. Get those into the ground and get them protected from deer and small animals like rabbits. 

Inspecting and Building Beds

Now is also a great time to go and check the condition of yoru raised beds. You might think that wooden bed has another year in it and then the side rots out with it full of mature plants. Thats a big problem. 

Starting Seeds 

Those plants you want to get a jump on are probably going to need starting now or even a couple weeks ago. You might want to have peppers and tomatoes sprouting indoors. Now is the time to start sowing those seeds.

Amending Soil 

How has your soil faired over the winter? Has it compacted? Now is the time to amend those soils with conditioners and composts. This is a simple enough process but many don’t take the time to do it. 

Clearing and Mulching

You probably have some honeysuckle and other things infiltrating your beds and garden areas. Now is time to clear these areas and mulch the walkways. 

Adding Hardware

Are you going to use trellises or other means for gardening? Inspect and add new if need be. 


Of course, there might be some things you can get into the ground now. Kale, Radish, Sweet Peas and even Beets can all go into the ground pretty early. 

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