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The grid down scenario is a disaster threat that just wont go away. There are few issues that are quite as terrifying as the lights going out and all electricity will be compromised.

When you really sit down and understand what it means to be out of power it doesn’t take long before you realize how bad things can get


All of these things are going to be compromised when the grid goes down.

The fact is we have power outages all the time. Its just part of life. At least a couple times a year we lose power and we assume that its going to come on in a few hours or a few days at the most. How do you know?

The true basis of grid down intelligence is about understanding the power outage and what it means. This is because we are going to use this information to decide what we are dealing with in terms of the power outage. It is also the basis for how we make decisions on our next move.

The most important decision is to stay or go!

Community Intelligence

You are surrounded by people. In this day and age we are constantly affected by the electronic world. We dissolve into that world so much that we can even forget about the resource of real people that is all around us. People in your community will have answers during a power outage and a grid down situation. These people could be experts in any number of fields so don’t neglect that resource.

Faraday Protected Electronics

To deal with an EMP and Grid Down Scenario we are going to need to protect our electronics as they might be our only means of patching into other emergency comms. These emergency comms will tell you what is going to happen and when. Remember this information is not about being able to say I told you so.

Its about deciding whether to bug in or out!

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