DIY Slingshot Bow In 5 Minutes

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A slingbow will allow an individual to fire accurately, an arrow from a slingshot. It is a perfect survival, entertainment, and even hunting weapon that anyone can make for under $20.00 and is well worth the small manufacturing time and cost.

Ammo and weapons will probably be hard to come by if SHTF. That’s why it is important to always have a backup. This little slingshot bow has enough power to take down small game. Even hurt someone pretty bad if needed.

The silence in killing small game with a slingbow means you won’t alert everyone to your kill. That could be a game changer in the SHTF environment. 

The Build

This is one of the more simple builds you are going to do. You really need three things. 

A Nice Slingshot
A Whisker Biscuit ( an arrow rest for a compound bow)
Zip Ties

You are merely going to attach the biscuit to the slingshot using the zip ties. Attach it on the inside of the V near the handle. 

Now you can grab arrows with the slingshot pad and shoot them through the biscuit to stabilize them and aim. 

The Mods

Of course, this is a very simple build that can be improved and modded in many ways.

One of the most simple mods you could make is to use replace the leather pad for a bowstring. This would give you the ability to nock the arrow rather than hold it with your fingertips. 

Take this build to the moon! You should make it a point to see how tricked out you get that survival slingbow. It’s an effective little weapon. 

The ability to adapt and piece together resources to create something you need is a core element of prepping and SHTF survival. Don’t underestimate this build. 

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